Favorite Dedication

Dedications are not something I usually pay much attention to. Mostly because I’m just impatient to get to the story. But when I started opening my books yesterday, I found some really beautiful memoriums. Here are two of my favorites.

The first is from Roots by Alex Haley. I have a really old copy that I’ve had forever, something I got from a used book sale forever ago.



The second is from Cujo by Stephen King. I was not expecting such a lovely sentiment in such a scary book!



2 thoughts on “Favorite Dedication

  1. I take time to read dedications. I stumbled upon one that touched me sincerely. I cannot get the book now but I can vividly remember the words:

    ‘ I have come this far in life standing on the shoulders of men who were there for me always. It is to them I am tempted to dedicate this book but I will not. Rather, I dedicate it to my mother and siblings…’.

    And their names were outlined.

    I wondered why he did not dedicate it to those men. Maybe the list would have been endless or his mother and siblings were the immediate center of his achievement…whatever the reasons are, the words got to me thinking.

    Dedications are often a beautiful read.

    Thanks for sharing.

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