The Sweet Life in Paris

For years, I have been wanting to go to Paris. I have always held it in a very romantic light, because of all the reading I’ve done. And then I read Julia Child’s My Life in France and was just enthralled.

But now…despite David Lebovitz’s title The Sweet Life in Paris…I’m thinking that living in Paree is not so sweet. Holy Cow that sounds stressful! I would still love to visit some day…I am not sure I can resist one of the great food cultures of the world. But, I am at my roots an American…and I am also a very awkward introvert.

So thanks, David, for killing my flowery vision of Paris.



Ok. I’m being dramatic here. Really, I enjoyed this book quite a lot. Each chapter was a short piece of life in France. This wasn’t a timeline memoir or narrative. It was a snapshot of different pieces of the city. And, at the end of each snapshot, there was a recipe or two–a few of which I added to Pinterest to try out later. Mmmmmm I do love David’s recipes.

This is a short read–brain candy of the best kind (because…it involves REAL chocolate!).

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