The Year We Disappeared

If you haven’t figured it out already, I really enjoy reading about other people’s lives, from their own perspective. I find other people fascinating, the way life seems to twist and turn, and never turns out how we expect.


The Year We Disappeared made it on to my To Read list simply because of the title, I think, because that is one heck of a title for a memoir. However, it wasn’t at all what I expected. I was expecting abduction, and that is not what happened at all–so maybe not the most fitting one, unless you know the story ahead of time. Although I can certainly see what they are getting at now that I’ve read it.

John Busby was a Florida police officer, and was shot one night while on duty. He was being threatened by a family known to hate cops–and had threatened Busby’s family before. After the shooting, Busby’s family went into hiding to escape the threat, and this is the story from John’s, and his daughter Cylin’s, perspective.

How horrifying it would be to go through this! They lived in a relatively small town, and yet couldn’t trust anyone it seems. I was angry for John, and sad for Cylin.

I liked the two part perspective, as it gave a lot more impact to what was happening. Three stars for this one.


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