I have always wanted to go to Maine. What fun it would be, to rent a seaside cottage for a few weeks, and not care about anything except stuffing myself full of lobster, wine, and sunshine.

How delightful would it be, to have that luxury all the time? That’s just what I thought when I started reading my latest Brain Candy book, Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan. The Kelleher family won a piece of land in a card game, built a cottage, then another, and every summer split time between the two. 


However, that cottage comes with a whole lot of Irish Catholic big family drama. This plot is twisted with alcoholism, homosexuality, single mothers, and adultery. *gasp!* 

(Please note the above was thickly laced with a false dramatic tone.)

It even has worm poop.

Overall, this was a simplistic, but entertaining read. It lived up to my Brain Candy expectations, and would make for a good “beach” read.


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