Favorite Book Parents

When I saw this list come out, there were some definite “oh shit” moments on what I’m going to write about on certain days. I have the list posted above my computer and there are a few that I gotta tell you…I have absolutely no idea.

But today’s theme–no contest. And, I bet, I’m not the only person who chooses this pair for today.

Favorite Book Parents:

I mean come on. Is there really any competition?

First off, we have Molly, of course. She’s obvious. Her love just overflowed all over everyone all the time. She supported her kids whole-heartedly, but had a firm hand when they needed it. Molly was definitely boss. When Harry came around, she saw at once that he had never had any one to love him and set out to make that right. She made sure that when the kids were getting disciplined, he knew that it was happening because she loved them–because he had never had that before. He became hers.

Then we have Arthur, who fades into the background often, but deserves just as much credit as Molly. Arthur, like his wife, loves his kids extraordinarily, and that includes Harry.  He also is incredibly brave, and stands strong for equality and the wizard version of civil rights. He taught his family to accept Muggles and Mudbloods and everyone in between. He was exceedingly curious about everything to do with the Muggle world, and I believe that is why Fred and George were so curious about experimentation. He taught them to be scientific, even if school was not necessarily for them. He was constantly standing up to Dursley, Lucius, and continued to work at the Ministry even after he was found out to be a known Harry Potter supporter.

Together, this pair combined to form a large, healthy family unit. Their house may have been messy and crooked, and they needed a clock to keep track of everyone. But their love got their family and the Order through years of madness and grief.

No contest. Best Book Parents Award!


Also…since I’m posting about Harry Potter, I need to mention this. Today marks the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts.

(This is not my gorgeous image, it’s been blogged and reblogged all over Tumblr today. If you know who it belongs to, please let me know!)

2 thoughts on “Favorite Book Parents

  1. I love my own parents, and wouldn’t want to have life any other way. But, if I didn’t already have the parents I have…well, Molly and Arthur would definitely be my next choice!

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