This was the poem I was going to post yesterday, but I got distracted because of the storm. I came across this on Tumblr a few days ago, and related to it wholeheartedly. I have always been a textbook introvert. Adulthood has been kinder to me socially, now that I’ve grown into my weirdness, but my school days were a turmoil of awkwardness.

I was chatting with a friend of mine about this the other evening and so this poem seemed poignant this week. In this extrovert society we live in, the introverts sometimes get run over, shoved aside, and often, taunted horribly. And really, it’s the whole reason we have created a website called Tumblr…which my husband teases me for being on (and ok…slightly obsessed with), but I love it. Where else is there a group of wonderful geeky people who have such similar interests as me? Let the fandoms rule.

Ok, on to the poem.


hesitating before knocking on a door
because you need a moment
to muster up the courage

leaving the supermarket
because you couldn’t find what you wanted
and asking someone is not an option

feeling your heart nearly palpitate
when dialing a number
because your mum made you phone yourself

rehearsing your response in your head
before raising your hand in class
to make sure you don’t screw it up

staying silent when sitting with a group at lunch
because you never know
anything you say can be ridiculed




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