As I Lay Reading

I am an obsessive reader. To me, books are almost as important as oxygen. I’m sure at some point I “learned” to read, but I don’t remember it. My mom told me that even before kindergarten, she would catch me on the floor upstairs, surrounded by her adult books. I looked up at her once and announced that Mommy should not read this book because the lady in this book was kissing a man that was not her husband. I had no interest in children’s books without chapters. I had no need for the pictures.

Now, I read everything I can get my hands on. My goal this year was 75 books because that’s what I read last year. I’m already to 69, and it’s just March 31. But I don’t write very much about what I read. Sometimes I will mark quotes in my journal, but that’s the extent of it. Once I finish a book, it’s on to the next. I have so many thoughts about the characters, plots, etc while I’m in the story, and I often suffer from “Book Hangover” –It’s a real thing, people!–but then I grasp on to the next book, and the next, and soon I lose what I read previously.

I’ve recently become addicted to Tumblr and have been learning so much about my favorite characters and “fandoms.” It makes me want to dive even deeper into the books I love. I realized I should be writing and analyzing what I’m reading.

I don’t really like the idea of writing strict book reviews. Those are always so boring and I’ll lose the essence of the books, I think. This will probably be more of a stream of consciousness blog. Maybe I’ll hold off publishing the posts until after I finish the book, since I tend to read a couple at a time. Or, maybe I’ll post them as I go…I like the idea of discussion and hearing what fellow readers think.

Maybe, if I get enough coreaders, we’ll start a bookclub. I REALLY like that idea. I definitely want discussion here. Feel free to comment–at least semi-respectfully, please. Let’s see what is ahead!

2 thoughts on “As I Lay Reading

  1. Absolutely love reading your words about books! I feel so blessed to share a book connection with you and while I can’t keep up in number, I do get so many great book ideas from you! I will be following your blog regularly!!!

    • Believe it or not, you were one of the first people to tell me to journal what I read. You used to keep a little notebook always on your person, to write down any thoughts you had about what you were reading. I still remember that!

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